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Way Out
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Saturday, March 24, 20188:10 AM

I'll just...not beat around the bush and drop all formalities in which the standard procedure is to apologise for not posting anything in the longest time. This blog is going to be forsaken again to collect dust after today anyway. Kannnn? Ahhh so I reckon a hello and a good day would suffice.

Hello and good day.

I am finally penning down thoughts here after a seemingly perpetual month of hesitation. The intention to actually write something up manifested sooooo long ago but it was put off and never executed because I "hesitated". I use sugarcoated words so I can hold myself out in such a way that makes me look more favourable to others than I really am. It's quite like every time I say I enjoy my own company when I actually have a social expiry after a couple of hours of human interaction. I say that I've got an eptitude for emotional intelligence when I'm just so annoyingly sensitive. I say I don't fancy finding faults in others when in truth, I simply lack argumentative skills. Now I call it hesitation instead of being downright lazy. In truth I was just lazy.

Anyway, I think I've long established that I have the worst case of commitment issues when it comes to things that don't involve my romantic relationship and my friendships. The fact that I appear on my own blog only once a year is a testament to it. Every single time it necessitates me having to bring you lot up to speed with how my life is currently, if you can be bothered. So here goes.

How do I do this hahahhahhahshhg. Okay. Substantially, I'm still Aisya. I still live in Shah Alam. I still have 4 other siblings, my parents didn't go and create another product during the past year. I'm still attached to the same handsome pesky man. I still read law and surprisingly it hasn't annihilated me yet. I still can’t reverse park even though I have to get my driving licence upgraded by the end of this month. So what could be news to you?

Well, I am now pursuing Law at one of the most slagged off universities in the country. Grrr so unfair. Contrary to popular belief, many of us aren't slow learners. Contrary to popular beliefs as well, the professional courses offered at my uni are in fact top notch. Those who are so proud and self-righteous and unbearably obstinate in their opinions can keep talking as if I won't be able to make myself marketable once I graduate. Geeee. (Omg I keep gettimg sidetracked).

I'm currently in the second semester of my degree programme. Second out of eight semesters. Every single day as I step foot in my faculty, I'm humbly reminded that the profession I'm venturing into is no child's play. Most of the time I'm clueless as to what I'm doing and I don't know when I'll know what I'm doing. Sometimes it makes me think that I'm wasting my opportunity and that I'm a lot less ambitious than my course mates whom I reckon are much more deserving to be reading law. Thankfully, though, I'm constantly upbraided and told by those around me that I shall maintain a positive outlook and put more faith in myself and my environment so as to be able to succeed. Keep me in your prayers, you lot. Making it past 3.0 CGPA was already a tight squeeze last semester. Ggwp.

One more thing that probably needs addressing, since I do have concerned (nosy) people ask me this at least on a weekly basis, is the friends that I choose to be with. I am one to hold so much sentimental value to those I've made many memories with. I love my friends and I will never stop loving and looking out for them. However we're studying in university and circumstances would inevitably propel you into new friendships and ambience. Sometimes you even look left, right, high and low to find no friends to assist you, so you're left to your own devices and therefore you haven't got anyone but yourself to trust. This is where my man, a professional lone wolf with a few years' experience under his belt, told me that doing things alone is part of a very valuable learning process. Anyhow, new circles of friends and experiences of being alone really do give me a breath of fresh air. Teaches me to become more self-sufficient. My longtime friends, though, I still cherish and treasure and keep them close to my heart. Nothing wrong with some room for growth.

Soooo this is the point at which I get inexplicably lazy to talk my readers through everything and simply let my pictures do the honour instead. Basically what has panned out in my life during my radio silence heheh. Savour them.

That's all that I can come up with for now. I'm surprised I paid enough attention to write these in one sitting. I feel like it all just comes off as half-hearted. But I'll write again if I feel like it. Have a nice day and I hope you lot are happy.