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Sunday, June 12, 20166:30 AM


A little update from the previous post I published a few months ago; I had done my pondering, applied to do English at UIA but to no avail, got an offer to do foundation in Law instead at UiTM. The biggest shocker was that I actually took it up.


As someone who has a naturally quiet, calm and rather subdued temperament, Law was a course I had never taken into account, in fact I ruled it out entirely from the potential fields I'd like to pursue. The legal profession which requires a sheer understanding of the intricate facts pertaining to the rules and regulations that make up the structure of our country had never EVER interested me. I also thought my flimsy grasp on current affairs and particularly politics (eeeeeeeewww) - although that is something I can always work on and cultivate with time - would never qualify me for the job. Plus I pride myself in being the amiable, genial, easygoing, peace-loving individual that I am, which means I'd do anything to avoid conflicts. Finding faults and shortcomings in others and admonishing them are something I detest. You could say that I'm all but an angel ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. And with that, a conceited piece of shite.

Anyway, those are exactly the reasons why I managed to raise a few eyebrows, even mine, when I chose to pursue it. I thought, "Bugger it, just do it lmao". Admittedly I struggled to come to terms with the notion of becoming a law student. "Law" per se is a daunting term to me. What spurred me on to go ahead with it anyway was my mother's incessant convincing right from the moment the UPU results were released. She was exalted that I was offered the course thereof. My mother was a law student too, graduated with a double degree in Law and Shari'a Law from UIA, albeit she never practised it in favour of being a wonderful full time mother hehe. She won me over, I heeded her advice for she understands and has experienced first hand the rigours of studying Law.

Now this by no means indicates that I'm a weakling who allows other people's words to get the best of me, impair my judgment or influence my choices. It doesn't mean that I'm wishy washy in determining what I want (pfft that's a lie, I don't know what I want). I simply believe that mothers know best. Parents know best. They prevail, always.

I figured that I should have a crack at it. Every education course offers its own challenges to tackle, nothing is a walk in the park and I reckon that lawyers look pretty cool in blazers and black and white formal attire. Lol. In all seriousness, though, I believe I can do it. In my best mate Ihdini's words, Law is as English as it gets (true enough, the several paragraphs in the book of Federal Constitution that I took so long to put my finger on are a testament to it. Tak faham langsung ok!! The words are those I'm very familiar with, but all of them strung together in sentences within paragraphs are freaking nonsensical, asdfghjkl they're hardly intelligible OTL).

One of the few things which makes me feel downcast is that I won't be able to follow F1 and MotoGP as closely anymore. I have to go back to uni every Sunday evening, during which the races usually take place, haish. I'll be missing out on SO much. However, in Yixing's words, "Work hard, work hard, work harder!" Work hard I will, I promise. I will fare well, settle in and acclimatise to the hostel life as best and quickly as I can.

Enough of the depressing matters regarding university. I've actually just returned from a family vacation in the United Kingdom, which delayed my admission in UiTM Dengkil by 3 days hahahah. The UK is extremely enticing to us, which is why we chose to revisit the country after exactly one year. We were all over the place, traveling from town to town headfirst without prior planning in the VW Transporter that we rented so it was one hell of an adventure. An exhausting one, but exciting nonetheless.

I don't think any of you lot is interested in the details and I'm starting to slur my words which I doubt is even possible since I'm writing and not speaking but it's 4 am in the wee hours of the morning and I'm nocturnal and my sleep pattern is shambolic and beyond repair, so here are some pictures.



Bath. Us siblings laughing at little Zahiya's caprices.

Portsmouth, feat. the VW Transporter.

London. We ended up at an apartment in South Kensington.

The Royal Courts of Justice. MAJESTIC. Around the premises I saw many lawyers in proper suits and such, wah cool, a motivation to become one too lmao.

Ayah and his two bodyguards. Near Downing Street.

Foreground, us. Background, a soldier on a horse.

Hafiz and I photobombing our parents on a bridge over River Thames which I can't recall the name of. Memory of a fish.

Uncle Hatim's and Aunt Umi's alma mater. 

Kensington Park.

Met up with Hakim. Hadn't seen him in 5 years. He's studying architecture in London and is fairly well. We had pancakes.

Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Covent Garden.

Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Lots of antique stuff, not my cuppa but beautiful place.

Mama and Zahiya on the London Underground tube. Kyeooo.

The famous Big Ben. (ISN'T THIS PICTURE SO POSTCARD MATERIAL?? I'm so proud of it, should I edit in a watermark)

Us, bar Hazim who was behind the camera.

I loved my jeans so much, I had been wearing it for 3 consecutive days.

The Shard. Being an architect, my dad was soooo eager to get a closer look at the tallest building in Western Europe because we didn't get to the last time we were there. We went up to the top. Tickets were extortionate in price when converted to MYR, astaghfirullah (for everything, really) but the view from The Shard was worth it.

The beautiful London skyline.

I did tip you off on my lack of flair for photography, didn't I??

EXO's comeback!!!! They released double title tracks for both Korean and Chinese versions. One is "Monster", of a really dark concept. Eyeliner, piercings, (fake) tattoos, ferocious choreography and all that. Very intense, something I really like. The other one is a funky RnB song called "Lucky One". The choreography for the latter is UTTERLY endearing with lots of head nodding, oh gahd.

Here's Monster. For the love of God, give love to the Chinese versions too, I implore you.

Check out Yixing at 1:31 to 1:37, hory shet.

Righto, I have to go back to uni later today. Apologies if I sounded slightly ostentatious throughout this whole post. It's late and I'm disoriented. Have a fantastic day. Goodbye, I'd better sleep.