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Way Out
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Thursday, December 31, 20155:00 AM

You Got It by Super Junior

We did cross paths long ago, before we really decided to come into each other's lives and hopefully remain there. Well it wasn't an entirely conscious decision. Our fixation on K-pop bound us together. Then, she struck me as a gung-ho child, carefree, brave, quick on her feet with endless knowledge about the world. Now that I have the good fortune to know her, I realised that she's just like me, trying to find a place in this heinous world. Just as much as I hope I succeed I hope she does too.

Sharing innuendos, amongst other things is part of our shenanigans. She laughs at every single thing she finds funny, and is always unperturbed. She's witty and has opinions on every matter. And also to me she has just the looks to match her wonderful disposition.

A bubbly person she is. I pride myself in not being able to find it in myself to have hatred towards anything at all, but I'd hate anyone who bursts her bubble. If she for some reason finds herself being engulfed into the depth of the dark abyss in her head, I hope she musters all the strength she possesses to get the hell out of it.

Once she gets that out of the way, nothing hinders her from getting what she desires. She will achieve anything she puts her mind to. I believe in her.

Her smile is so bright it's as if she's just eaten the whole sun. But I hope the sun doesn't burn her up, and continues to ignite her for the world to marvel at. To me she's a fluffy ball of happiness - I hope she becomes an eternal fluffy ball of happiness.

Love you too. Happy new year. Jjongho forever.