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Way Out
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For the girl's best friend.
Monday, February 20, 20173:00 AM

You release a heavy exhale of frustration and discontentment. The past hard work had been futile yet again, you think as you refrain yourself from aggressively tearing the paper within your grasp to pieces. The paper with your subpar score written in red ink at the top, the paper you thought would be a contributory factor to the presence of food and water on the table for your family in the future. Your family, whose fate you so badly want to help turn around.

Standing next to you is a pesky, petite woman with a mind of a 5-year-old, cackling at her own result. To put it simply, it's better than yours. And she is ignorant enough to disregard the contrast in moods between the two of you. She is pleased with herself, but you are dejected with what you now think was an inadequate effort that you had put in to better yourself.

You think you failed. Now she knows for a fact that you are going to tire the hell out of yourself for a better test score, you are going to burn yourself to be able to experience the firework.

You have no idea how apologetic she feels right now. How she hopes so much that you are in a better state of mind. To her, seeing you sad makes her feel sad too.

She now swears to help you out to the best of her capabilities. She hopes the both of you will be able to reach the top of the world together. She who has witnessed your every drop of blood, sweat and tears being profusely drawn out in the process of achieving success hopes and prays to God that you, indeed, achieve it one day.

Just like yours, life is full of difficulty and adversity that it drowns you to the extent where you feel like giving up.

But she thinks you're strong. Remember what strength is? Strength is when you do not give up when everyone else expects you to do so.

The road you're trudging now may seem uphill. Keep trudging it. You will be able to strut proudly later on.

With so much sincerity and love,
-That girl