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Way Out
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Sunday, November 13, 20164:13 AM

The last time I posted on this blog, I went on a rant about the scruples I had in studying Law. With time, the novelty of it all wore off and I now have had a taste of what the legal profession entails. The rigours, the challenges that we have to tackle made me realise that it certainly isn't for the wishy-washy, weak-minded. 

I was one, to be fair. But with the encouragement and appeasement of my friends whom I was so so SO fortunate to meet and know deeply, I managed to overcome my doubts. 

In the most positive light possible, my classmates are generally full of shite and I love it. But when the time calls for it, we revert to being serious Law students who mean business which manifests in all the discussions pertaining to Brexit, the US presidential election, hudud, homosexuality and special Bumiputra rights lol. We either engage in carefree banters or intelligent debates. We're childlike and we're mature. We formed a close bond over the course of a brief 4 months and for the love of God, I hope it lasts. 

Three friends, in particular, became my pillars of strength and my source of resilience. I quite simply love them very much. 

One of them is a feisty Leo who has a certain affinity with zodiacs and horoscopes. I've known her since my high school days, albeit during those days there were only touch and go's between us or at most light-hearted exchanges about K-pop. Four months of sharing a room with her was never dreary. She manages to lure me out of my fortified shell that at times it makes me feel like a child she's nurturing to become a strong, independent woman. Mostly our room is filled with screeches of laughter at absurd goings-on around us. Other times deafening cries of envy towards those in a relationship fill the deepest corners of the house to the point that we nearly feel the urge to apologise to all college residents of Dahlia 1. We often joke about being two lonely "boyfriend-less" souls occupying the same room, but it was her, too, that inculcate the notion "we girls don't need no man" in me. I love her confidence and I know she has come a long way to attain that. Her upfront and bold temperament will take her to great distances in the future. And I know for a fact that nothing will ever defeat her. 

Another August baby made her entry into my life when I stepped into university. She is as intrepid as I made her out to be on first impression. The innuendos she shamelessly spews out are something my relatively naive mind has learnt to grow accustomed to. Our nightly ritual of leaving lipstick stains on each other's cheeks before setting off to our respective house when the curfew hours start often draw attention from onlookers. Despite that we are never afraid to illustrate the affection that we have for one another, are we? In the 4 months of our friendship, I also discovered that she is a girl with a capricious disposition, but beneath her sturdy facade is a delicate human being who is ever so attentive to others. Admittedly there are some things that she does that I wouldn't do, that I don't exactly condone but I reckon that only beautifies the contrast in our demeanours. The way she carries herself will carry her far. If she ever gets caught in hot water she can always sing her way out of it, which, amongst other things, is something that she does so well ㅋ. She never ceases to give her best, and so she deserves only the best. 

This genial person taught me things of higher value than those in textbooks. He taught me that affluence isn't an indispensable aspect in life that helps you to get by, and that strength isn't an inherent quality but is something that you cultivate. To me, he is the embodiment of kindness and generosity. Time spent with him sometimes feels like learning from an adult of great sagacity, other times it feels like we're both frivolous children wondering what adulthood tastes like. I like how our jolly conversations can take a turn for wistful ones. He tells me his life stories that ultimately teach me about the harshness of the world. He is never embarrassed to learn and become a laughing stock in the process. I am able to capitalise on my aptitude for language to help him out, and together we endeavour to better ourselves. For all the trials and tribulations thrown at him, and the adversity and predicaments in which circumstances have let him drown, I pray that life embraces him as kindly as he embraces it. 

Onto more challenging stuff in the second semester. Whatever happens, we've got each others' backs. Your baby angel loves you all very much.