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2014 Merdeka Bicycle Gathering at Sepang Circuit
Monday, September 1, 20147:29 AM


It's been a while since I last updated. In fact it's been nearly a year since I chuntered on and on about how scared I was to receive my PMR results. Just to pick up from where I've left off, I scored straight A's. In retrospect, it isn't that big of a deal now that I'm in Form 4 where the level of difficulty in studies simply skyrocketed. Every subject was a struggle to me but I reckon I'm faring okay now that we are 9 months (hello, September!) into the year.

Fret not. I'm not going to bleat on about my studies, school life, home life or the Hamilton-Rosberg heated rivalry in F1. I'm not even going to apologise for the hiatus - this blog is going to be neglected for a couple of months more, don't worry. :P

To commemorate Malaysia's 57th Independence Day, a bicycle gathering was held at Sepang Circuit yesterday, organised by Summernats. I wouldn't claim myself as an avid cyclist, but I decided to participate in the fun ride because of the venue - Sepang is one of my favourite places in the world. For some reason it just feels like home. I'd always come to Sepang as a spectator watching races so to actually set foot on the TRACK, the stretch of tarmac on which F1 cars and MotoGP bikes race was a dream come true. That's one box ticked off my bucket list. My father and brothers would say the same.

It was such a great experience. To be fair, I was quite sanguine and admittedly overly optimistic about the number of laps I was going to do. I planned 5, maybe 6 laps which makes about 30 kilometres. However one lap felt like an arduous journey, my bottom ached like hell. There was a lot of uphill cycling which really strained my thighs (so unfit). I managed only 3 laps and then I threw in the towel. F1 cars do one lap of Sepang Circuit in under 2 minutes, I do it half an hour. 

Some pictures below:

 That's me and my hand-me-down Trek bike.

 And that's me with K1 grandstand in the background.

 The marvellous K1 grandstand.

 The famous mushroom grandstand. And a couple of runners running with balloons attached to their backs.

 Skid markssss.

 Cycling into Turn 9.

Found my classmate, Nisa at the pit lane of the back straight. :)

In other news, I bought these 2 books yesterday. Yeap, jumping on the If I Stay bandwagon. ;)



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